White Water Rafting

Class II, III and IV rapids; pristine rivers; beautiful scenery: waterfalls, exuberant vegetation, and mystical canyons.



Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world for rafting. You will feel the unique rush and adrenaline that white water rivers offer. White water rafting tours are offered in three different rivers of the area, good for beginners and experts.

Guabo River

Class II and III. Half-day tour including an exciting run of 8 miles and a hike to a waterfall. Ages 10 and over.The Guabo River has a lot to offer such as exuberant vegetation, a pristine canyon, pool drop river with a jump rock and an exciting descent. During the run you will have the chance to hike waterfalls, enjoy its richness in wildlife and unique scenery. Runs from August to November.

Departure: 8:00 am

Estimated time: 6 hrs


Lunch, transportation, and professional equipment.

Price: U$90 per person RESERVE HERE!


Coto Brus River

Class III and IV. Virgen river for rafting since other boaters are seldom seen. Ages 14 and over.

The Coto Brus River is known for its beautiful scenery, exciting rapids, the greenness that surrounds it and the diversity of wildlife that you can find on it. Since other boaters are rarely found there, it is a virgin river for rafting. It is simply an unforgettable adventure. Runs all year round.

Departure: 6:30 am until 4:30pm       Estimated time: 10 hrs

Includes:  Snack, lunch, transportation, and professional equipment

This option can pick you up in Dominical , Uvita and Ojochal 

Price: U$110 per person RESERVE HERE!

Savegre River

Class II and III. One of the most pristine rivers in Costa Rica, perfect for families and young kids. Ages 8 and over.Fun river for beginners and experienced rafters. The Savegre River is considered the most pristine river in Costa Rica. It is the perfect rafting river for families and young kids. During the descent you will have the chance to enjoy the canyons, run fun rapids, hike to a waterfall, and enjoy tropical scenery. Runs all year round.

Departure: 7:30 am     Estimated time: 8 hrs

Includes: Lunch, transportation, and professional equipment.


Participants must know how to swim, be able to walk in slippery or unstable ground and paddle.

Price: U$100 per person RESERVE HERE!