Sea Kayaking

Caves, birds, monkeys, sloths, breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Description of the tour
This tour is a lot of fun, and there are two options from which you can choose. To get to the launching point, you will have to go  20 to 30 min south from Uvita de Osa.

Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour
The tour starts at Piñuelas Beach where kayaks are launched for an exciting one and a half  hour paddle to Ballena Island. After a tropical lunch of fruit and cold drinks on the island, you go snorkeling to discover the colorful underwater world around Ballena Island. The paddle back to the beach is a great opportunity to observe marine wildlife.

Kayaking Waves & Caves
Kayaks are lauched at Ventanas Beach for a 1-hour paddle to the caves. You will see one of the most beautiful places of the area, over 30 caves and 2 of them are accessible by kayak depending on the ocean conditions. After visiting the caves, you are taken to one of the most beautiful beaches of the area, Ventanas Beach, where you are served a tropical lunch with fruit and cold drinks. In Ventanas, there are 2 caves you can explore during low tide. You can also enjoy and have fun surfing the waves on your kayak. After all the fun, you paddle back to the take out point: Piñuelas Beach.

At low tide

Estimated Time
5 to 6 hours

Prices :  U$75

Fruit & drinks, transportation, bilingual guide, safety instructions, kayaking and snorkeling equipment.